Advertisement – Cascade – Property for Sale

The Deposit Insurance Corporation invites offers to purchase the following property situated at:  

L.P. No. 38 Upper Hololo Mountain Road, Cascade  

Description:  Two-storey residential property.   

Tenure:  Freehold land.  

Site Description:  The land has an area of 21,511 sq. ft. with frontage of 138 ft.  The main building carries a floor area of approximately 800 sq. ft. with 1,571 sq. ft. on the first floor.  Each floor has a self-contained apartment.  

Services:  All essential services are laid:  water, electricity, sewerage and telephone.  Other services include on-site water storage, burglar proofing and an external staircase.  

For details regarding the sale of the property, please contact any Registered Resident Broker Member of the Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA) at or call 628-9048 for a list of Members. 

DIC does not bind itself to accept the highest or any offer

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