Property for sale – 3 Rust Street, St. Clair, Port of Spain


Two-storey Residential Building located at No. 3 Rust Street, St. Clair, Port of Spain

Tenure: Leasehold property with an unexpired residue of term on the lease of 116 years.

Site Description: The land has an area of 8,736 sq. ft. with frontage of 78 ft. The building has a gross external area of 4,022 sq. ft. with the ground floor comprising 2,096 sq. ft. There is on-site parking for 8 vehicles.

Services: All essential services are laid: water, electricity, sewerage and telephone. Other services include on-site water storage and a generator room providing stand-by power.

For details regarding the sale of the property, please contact any Registered Resident Broker Member of the Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA) at or call 628-9048 for a list of Members.

DIC does not bind itself to accept the highest or any offer.

Advertisement – No. 3 Rust Street St Clair

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