Page 2 - Strategic Plan 3rd Six-Month Report
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We have now completed eighteen (18) months of
The Deposit Insurance Corporation (“the DIC”) Strategic
Plan 2018 – 2023 (“the Plan) with considerable
momentum and continued commitment to the primary

         • Align DIC’s presence with international

         • Engage Effectively With All Stakeholders And
               In So Doing Contribute Meaningfully To The
               Financial Safety Net; and

         • Enhance Organizational Effectiveness.

How has the Plan lived up to its

theme:  Enhancing  Protection

Capability and Institutional

Strengthening of People and Process in

the 3rd 6-Months?

Over the 3rd 6-Month, staff strengthened its understanding

and appreciation of the objectives of the DIC, particularly

in the area of aligning operations to international standards

and enhancing organization effectiveness. Based on

this strategic direction, individual workplans were

developed with a view to increasing performance

which included training to build organizational capacity.

This resulted in the advancement of three (3) additional
strategic milestones, viz:

    • Strategic Initiative No. 1A - Review the Deposit
         Insurance Model: Identify and implement
         improvements. This project focused on assessing
         the impact of DIC’s role in resolutions for the period
         1986 to 2011. It will provide the necessary input to
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