Page 4 - Strategic Plan 3rd Six-Month Report
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continue to work towards compliance with the IADI Core
   Principles. Of the action items identified in its own self-
   assessment of March 2019, the DIC has completed 52%.

   Engagement of Stakeholders
   The DIC continued its collaboration with fellow
   regulators in the sector - the Central Bank, the Ministry of
   Finance, and the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and
   Exchange Commission - working together to formulate, a
   joint approach to resolving financial sector issues.

   Enhance Organizational Effectiveness
   The DIC is committed to providing technical and non-
   technical training to its staff designed to enhance the
   DIC’s operational capacity, while increasing
   organizational effectiveness. Procedures are reviewed
   on an ongoing basis to ensure they are in line with
   approved practices, and serve to facilitate business
   continuity and cross-functional training.

Report Date: April 30, 2020
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