About the DIC


The Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) was established by the Central Bank and Financial Institutions (Non-Banking) (Amendment) Act, 1986. The DIC plays a contributory role to the continued stability of Trinidad and Tobago’s financial system. Its function includes fund management, insurance protection for eligible depositors against the potential loss of their deposits in the event of closure of a member institution and to act as liquidator of that member.

Vision and Mission
The Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Vision and Mission statements.
Board of Management Roles and Functions
Learn about the DIC’s board of management. The DIC insures depositors in all institutions licensed to operate under the Financial Institutions Act 2008.
Legal Framework
The DIC receives its powers and responsibilities from a number of laws which govern both its operations as well as the management of the Fund for which it has oversight.
Current Job Opportunities
Public Policy Objectives

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