Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To be a highly proactive and effective deposit insurance system

Mission Statement

To protect eligible depositors from losses from member institutions’ distress or insolvency

Core Values / Behaviours

  • Integrity
    We believe that integrity is key to our success and will be demonstrated in the following ways:

    • Adhering to generally accepted moral and ethical principles.
    • Executing transactions in good faith and in a transparent manner.
    • Displaying forthrightness, honesty and credibility in our work relationships
  • Teamwork
    We believe teamwork underpins the efficacy of our operations and will be demonstrated in the following ways:

    • By communicating and working cooperatively as part of any team.
    • By strongly opposing working competitively; instead focused on larger organizational goals rather than narrow, territorial or individual concerns.
    • By demonstrating respect for colleagues regardless of positions held.
  • Trust
    Trust underpins our contribution to financial stability and will be demonstrated in the following ways:

    • By striving to create an atmosphere of confidence.
    • By focusing on mutual benefit for the team’s agreed target outcomes.
    • By remaining committed to acting in good faith for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.
  • Accountability

We resolve to be accountable to each other and our stakeholders and we will demonstrate this in the following ways:

  • By operating in a financially responsible and operationally effective manner.
  • By assuming responsibility for our actions and results.
  • By treating fairly with all assets under our control.
  • By striving for excellence in the execution of our duties.

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