North Coast Road Maracas – Property for Sale

36 acres freehold (resort type)land off the North Coast Road, Maracas

Location: The property is located on the western side of Timberline Road in the vicinity of LP. 27 and some 100 metres west of the North Coast Road, Maracas.

Site Description: The site comprises three (3) contiguous parcels of land as follows: 19 Acres 3 Roods 6 Perches; 10 Acres 2 Perches and 7 Acres 3 Roods 31 Perches. The site is irregular in shape and generally slopes steeply downwards from east to west with the western boundaries of the north-western parcels bounded by the sea. The elevated topography commands a panoramic view of the nearby coastline and the Caribbean Sea.

Services: Electricity and water are available along parts of the road frontage.For details regarding the sale of the property, please contact any Registered Resident Broker Member of the Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA)at or call 628-9048 for a list of Members.

DIC does not bind itself to accept the highest or anyoffer.

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